Moving forward together – our workshops

Moving forward together – our workshops


Ready to go one step further? With our workshops, we want to inspire you, move you, surprise you and, above all, move you forward. To do this, we use simple but effective methods.

We currently offer the following workshops:


Business model development

Basic (1 day)
Module 1: Present existing business model
Module 2: Identify disruptions, trends and developments

Plus (2 days)
Module 3: Further development of business model

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The business model is the basis of every company. In this workshop, you will put your status quo to the test, name the relevant influences on it, identify and define new development opportunities.

Applied models & contents:

  • Business Model Canvas

Identity & Brand Building

Basic (1 day)
Module 1: Finding and sharpening identity
Module 2: Define future and brand direction

Plus (2 days)
Module 3: Define brand positioning
Module 4: Plan integrated communication

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To be successful as a company, a strong identity and brand positioning is crucial – internally and externally. The aim of this workshop is to clearly define and consolidate your corporate identity and to derive your brand positioning. This way, your identity becomes visible and tangible for all employees and customers.

Applied models & contents:

  • Identity & reality check relement
  • Golden Circle by Simon Sinek
  • Brand steering wheel Esch
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand platform relement
  • Catalog of measures & timing

Marketing & Sales

Basic (1 day)
Module 1: Determine starting position & strategic orientation
Module 2: Define goals & marketing strategy

Plus (2 days)
Module 3: Create Marketing & Sales Planning

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Together with you, we define well thought-out marketing strategies that help you achieve your business goals. A smart investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

Applied models & contents:

  • Marketing face incl. PESTEL
  • SWOT analysis & strategy
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Positioning
  • Markets, target groups & personae
  • Marketing mix
  • Sales stage planning
  • Catalog of measures & timing

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