Our knowledge for your progress

Our knowledge for your progress


To ensure that progress is not just a wish, you need know-how, method and empathy. We accompany you in the wide worlds of marketing on different levels. We have profound knowledge in corporate development, identity & brand, marketing & sales, product management as well as in leading projects or interim positions.

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Our competences


Business Development & Planning

Your continuous progress is essential and so is a clear plan. We provide orientation and accompany, challenge and encourage you in this important process. Always focusing on you, you can expect from us a well-founded hands-on mentality that combines theory and practice in a profitable way.

Where we support you:
  • Define business strategy and planning
  • Business Model Check & Development
  • Evaluate business areas and units
  • Check marketability
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business & market analysis
  • Developing new markets

Identity & Brand Building

Every company is a brand and needs a clear and meaningful identity. Let your target groups and employees consciously perceive and experience your brand. Even in times of change, a strong positioning and a positive experience help to create – and maintain – sustainable relationships with customers and employees.

Where we support you:
  • Finding, sharpening & further developing the corporate identity
  • Positioning & shaping the brand
  • Building the brand architecture
  • Developing the integrated brand communication
  • Analyze, create & optimize the customer experience
  • Implementing a customer experience cycle

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales must go hand in hand to win, retain, develop or reactivate customers. A well thought-out marketing and sales strategy is coordinated and interlocks with each other – because ultimately it’s all about finding the best set-up in communication, sales and sales promotion.

Where we support you:
  • Conduct market & competitive analysis
  • Target definition sales & marketing
  • Strategic alignment, positioning & offerings
  • Define customer segments & persona
  • Sales concept & marketing planning

Product Management

Product management is much more than the product itself, price, availability and packaging. It is about looking at the individual product life cycle and which product, assortment strategies and measures have to be taken when in order to maintain a vital portfolio that achieves good results for you and your customers in the long term.

Where we support you:
  • Product and assortment analysis
  • Product concept testing
  • Product and pricing strategies
  • Product / offer communication
  • Product launches
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Project and Interim Management

We offer you quickly available and flexible resources at expert level. On the one hand, this helps you achieve project success more quickly, and on the other hand, it brings stability and continuity to your team.



Ready to go one step further? With our workshops, we want to inspire you, move you, surprise you and, above all, move you forward. To do this, we use simple but effective methods.

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